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epaχios — Software for Procurement


Catalog System

With our catalog system you will reduce efforts for requisition of C-products significantly and additionally gain safety and control.

Order System

Our order system will take over the whole order process, beginning with the transfer of the order to the supplier, order response and goods receipt up to invoice clearing. Well-defined gateways and a modular approach guarantee a simple and easy connection to your ERP system.

Supplier Relationship Management

Our contribution to supplier releationship management begins where ERP systems usually end. epaχios® will help your suppliers to provide necessary certificates and documents in an easy way and will remind them to prevent any of them to expire. On your side, information about status and performance of actual and potential suppliers is always up to date.

Procurement Procedures

Electronic tenders and auctions today are standard procedures which are indispensible with larger procurement projects. epaχios® will help you in the fast, error-free, standardized and traceable settlement of your projects.

Warehouse Management

Our warehouse management has been developed as a supplement to the order system. It supports an arbitrary number of stocks for each client and multiple material number ranges. Besides the routine operations like goods receipt, goods issue and stockkeeping serial-number based loans are also possible. Depending on stock level alarms, purchasing requisitions or orders can be triggered – freely configurable for each material.

OCI Catalog System

For manufacturers and suppliers without an own OCI-capable catalog system epaχios® can provide a platform which integrates seamlessly into the common home page and is suitable as an end point for all calling ERP systems - as a dedicated OCI platform as well as in mixed operations mode.